Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's your senior year and it is an exciting time of your life!

 It's your senior year and it is an exciting time of your life!  You are creating memories and you are dreaming about your future.  You are preparing for graduation and one of the things you are going to do is get your senior pictures.  Now you may think that there isn't much to doing  senior pictures.  Throw on a few different outfits, sit or stand here or there and bam!  You're done.  But what if it could be different?    What if your senior pictures could capture your future? 
 In My Heart Photography recently had the great pleasure of photographing senior Gage Gregory.  As always we try to catch a person's personality in our photography but Gage had other ideas.  He knows what he wants to do with his future and we wanted to help him visualize his dreams in his senior pictures!  His plans were quite different from most seniors.  He wants to use his artistic ability to make a living for himself.  He wants to be a tattoo artist! 

Hard Times Art Tattoos in Lebanon allowed us to come in and set up these great shots for Gage. We would like to give them a big thank you for doing this.  It was awesome that they would encourage him to make his dreams become a reality! 
What would you like to do in your senior pictures?  Where would you like to do them?  Would you like some that reflect your personality?  Would you like some that reflect your imagination?  Or maybe your future career plans? 
 In My Heart Photography would love to make them happen for you!