Sunday, December 29, 2013


As 2013 comes to a close we take the time to reflect on another wonderful year of business for In My Heart Photography.  Yes, this is a business but really it is far more than just a business.  We are building an extended family and like all families there are challenges to be sure.  Always there is joy and love though that grows in our hearts with every wedding. 

We do photograph seniors, families, proms and multiple other events but WEDDINGS are the biggest part of what we do.  We love them and we work especially hard to create beautiful images for our brides and grooms.  You may be surprised to learn some of what goes into photographing a wedding.  We'll give you the short version. 

It all starts with letting people know we are here and ready for hire.  Most of our business comes by referral from our previous clients (A giant thank you to those who do!).  There are meetings with potential clients, emails, phone calls, and Facebook to be certain of all details.  A lot of weddings are local but we do travel too.  That means gas, drive time, food and accommodations. 

We spend our entire day with you photographing you as you are getting ready.  We are inspecting the wedding venue watching for great backgrounds, possible props and lighting. 

Our job is very physical.  We climb flights of stairs multiple times a day.  We stand, sit, squat, and climb up on chairs.  Occasionally you will see us on our knees or laying on the ground to get that perfect shot!  Lets not forget the heavy bags we carry with all of our equipment in them! 

You are not aware of it but part of our job involves building a relationship with the wedding venue, DJ, caterers and videographers.  We are building a network and we work with them and around them all to be sure your wedding day is perfect.

Most importantly we are looking for every detail in your wedding.  We learn some very personal things about you when we find out why you chose to have that item in your wedding.  We learn how you met and fell in love.  We hear of your joys, and sometimes your tragedies.  We get to know you in a few short hours.  We laugh when you laugh and we cry when your mama cries with love and happiness for you.  At the end of the day you and your loved ones have made your way into our hearts.  We are celebrating with you!

2013 was a great success!  So many wonderful people have been adopted into the In My Heart Photography family.  Congrats to all of our newly weds!  We look forward to watching your families grow and hope to photograph your newborns, family, seniors, and someday your children's weddings.