Friday, July 16, 2010

Branson Wedding

Working on these Last night Brooke is so Pretty and we had a fun day.Looking forward to editing the working more on them tonight!
Going to get my Crowns on my teeth have a Blessed day stay cool everyone!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One more to bed..

They say that it put to bed when they finish a newspaper for that week. So I guess I will say that when I finish a posting of all photo's of A wedding. I work on more than one at a time so when I do get one done its like Yes.
Have a lot going right now and Seniors are about to start. I am only taking 20 a year due to the fact I will be editing on Christmas eve if take more than that and that is not far to my family. One more Christmas and Kayla will be home!Yes! Easter, and Spring the whole family back.. Maybe I will have them there on that Sunday morning. back to the here and Now.. Working on Branson Wedding Now there so many Pictures to just even go threw but they look great very happy with them.
More tomorrow! have a Blessed evening stay cool!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not enought time...

I need to set a time every day so this will be right.. I feel like this is like writing in a diary..Let see Saturday was awesome to great Weddings, wait tell you see the pictures.So I am tired and I wake up and Mike has the huge bowl of Blackberry there huge and every where this year..Well the bad wife say oh if i do not make him cobbler I will be in trouble so I make cobbler even though I want to go back to bed.. Edit unload all the cards from the weddings. Oh no.. my hard drive is full and I spend two hours moving stuff over to make more room..My whole day was gone where did it go..Today I had to take Nolan to get a check up and up dated shots for school..We went and took Pictures and here I am again it after 10pm on Monday night..Going to work 4 hours editing and do a big picture order! Tuesday Luv Bugs Meeting In Marshfield, and Wal-mart.. Hope I get home earlier tomorrow. Time to Edit..

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thinking I am Linked to facebook now!

Maybe this will be kind of fun! My Goal with this blog beside telling people about my life is to show you slide shows and more photo as do my editing! I really Love doing what I call Art work on them! I fell my Customers are all pieces of Art Made by God! Like fine Gem Stones they are all different and special!