Friday, July 15, 2016

Megan and Jordan Hicks Wedding 2016

Fourteen years of experience in wedding photography has taken In My Heart Photography to many wedding venues.  In June we found ourselves working a wedding at Venue 481.  This wasn't our first wedding there and due to past experience we were excited to be going there again!

   We first met Jordan and Megan for their Consultation and really got to know them when we did their engagement pictures.  We love that the engagement session it is part of our wedding package because it gives us a chance to get to know the wedding couple and gives them a chance to get to know us.  By the time the wedding date arrives we are already comfortable with each other and this makes for great pictures!  This also gives us a chance to hear how they met and fell in love with each other.  And anyone that knows us knows that we love a good love story! 

This is the love story of Jordan and Megan written in her own words.  "It all started April 11, 2015 when my younger brother got married. Jordan
was the groomsman I walked with as a bridesmaid. I thought to myself, wow
this Jordan guy had really grown up to be a good looking young man. He had
been my brother's friend for years. Therefore I would have never thought
about "robbing they cradle" lol and especially since he was friends with my
brother. A few days later in conversation with my mom I made the comment
about how cute Jordan was and wish he was older since he is almost five
years younger. Well then, my mom told my brother that I really thought
Jordan was attractive. My brother thought that Jordan would be a great guy
for me since I had just came out of a bad relationship. It wasn't but a few
days later Jordan knew that I liked him. He was very surprised that I was
interested  in him being his friend's older sister. Jordan wasted no time
on asking my out to dinner. We went to dinner that Saturday and had a great
time. Neither of us could wait for another date! Our dating had begun.
About a month of dating we knew there was something different between us
than either of us had ever experience. We both were falling for each other
quicker and hard than imaginable. We both were scared because we were both
recently single and weren't looking for anything serious. Well that went to
the way side after about two month the word love came into play. Jordan and
I thought we had lost our minds falling in love so fast, but we knew it was
right and we had God at the center of it.
Then at only three months of dating we were sitting by the fire pit in my
backyard just like a typical nice evening when Jordan got down on one knee
and as me to spend the rest of our lives together. We were both were
overwhelmed with excitement and knew we definitely were crazy. We had a ten
month engagement and through those months fell deeper in love.
Now we couldn't be more excited to a married couple. We both know God put
us together and we are meant to be! Our love just keeps growing deeper and

Jordan and Megan picked the perfect place to get married.  Venue 481 at it's quiet country location provides 14 acres of wooded property along with a gorgeous open meadow.  The rustic barn is a cozy place for an intimate country wedding.  Venue 481 is breathtaking with its lovely gazebo.  The sawmill makes a great place for greeting guests or could be a great place for the reception.  If nothing else it sure makes a beautiful spot for pictures! In this wedding the sawmill was a wonderful spot for the guest book and a lovely display of their engagement pictures that greeted guests as they arrived.  The walkway with its arched bridge and the enchanting lighting throughout the venue adds so much to every dream wedding!  The reception hall is spacious and has a dance floor.  We love seeing how each wedding couple decorates the tables with their own individual style.

We were thrilled to photograph Jordan and Megan's wedding at Venue 481.  It was clear that their love for each other runs deep and strong.  Love like this is what draws us to photographing weddings.  It is an amazing feeling to catch that glimmer in a wedding couples eyes or to catch that emotion in a fleeting moment only noticed by the groom, his bride, and the lens of our camera! 

This was a day of beauty. The sunshine filling the day with its warmth and light.  A beautiful venue with beautiful details.  And shining brightest of all is the love of a beautiful bride and her groom.

Thank you Jordan and Megan for choosing In My Heart Photography to preserve the memories of your special day in photos!

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