Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wedding Consults

                                                          Wedding Consults
“I want to give Brenda Cook and Amy from In My Heart Photography a huge thank you for going out of their way last night.  I really appreciate it and cannot wait for our wedding.  I know how special you ladies are going to help make it be!  You two are some amazing women!  Thank you again!”  Posted on facebook by our latest wedding client that we consulted with last night. 

Over the years we have consulted with many wedding couples and we have met them at various places to do this.  There have been many restaurants, wedding venues, parks, and churches that we have met our clients to go over their individual wedding plans with.  We once even met at the fair grounds in Marshfield too. 

Last night however we met our latest bride at the most unusual location yet.  Our bride had been admitted to the hospital but she was determined not to let that get in the way of making her wedding plans!  She asked us to meet with her there and we were more than happy to do so. 

We know that a wedding is one of the most important days of anyone’s life.  We want your day to be perfect and we will do everything possible to help things run as smoothly as they can for you.  
Thank you to our latest bride Heather for the very kind words.  We are so happy to include you in the In My Heart Photography family! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

                                            Class of 2014

    In My Heart Photography recently had the privilege to photograph the class of 2014 at their graduation in Niangua, Missouri.  The class had a whopping total of 15 students! Graduation was held in the school gym and the community filled it to celebrate the great accomplishment these kids have made.

 Now this may be a small class but these kids are going to do some big things in this world.  Three of them are joining the military.  They will be leaving soon to protect our country.  It was clear that the town of Niangua is especially grateful to these young men and their service of our country.  They were acknowledged with a standing ovation and thunderous applause that rattled the walls of the gym! 

Deserving awards and scholarships were given, inspiring speech was spoken, and then the main event.  Tassels were relocated and diplomas were handed over with a hearty handshake.  And then in celebration of all they had accomplished and in celebration of what is to come in their future, their caps flew high into the air!


Congratulations to the Niangua class of 2014.  It has been such a pleasure for In My Heart Photography to watch you grow up.  We pray that God will bring you many blessings, safety, good health, and prosperity all the days of your lives.

Amy Ward
In My Heart Photography
Back up photographer

Friday, April 18, 2014

We Love Photographing Jr, Senior Prom

Photographing Senior Prom...
Thinking back to my senior year of high school I remember the excitement I felt knowing that I was becoming an adult and that my world was about to be forever changed. The future was bright and full of possibilities. What better way to celebrate all I had been in high school and all I would become in the future than with the prom?
The Niangua class of 2014 enjoyed their prom at the Pythian castle.
It was built in 1913 and is rich with history. The theater room upstairs was the perfect place for a prom. There are tables for dinner, a stage for prom pictures and of course a dance floor. We also had a backdrop set up in the hallway and we managed to grab some pictures outside of the castle before the sun went to sleep for the night.
It turned out to be quite the workout for us having walked up and down several flights of stairs multiple times. We circled around the dance floor so many times that it felt like Brenda and I had a dance of our own going on! It was so much fun seeing the different dresses and tuxedos. Finding out who was voted king and queen. Every kid danced and they danced the whole night.
Photographing the prom was sure a big change from the weddings that we usually do. We loved the challenge of it though and we loved having a new venue to work with. Maybe if we're really lucky, we will get a wedding there someday. I can see some beautiful pictures there in my minds eye already!
Congratulations to the 2014 Niangua class. May God bless each of you in all of your life adventures!
Amy Ward
Back up photographer for
In My Heart Photography

Sunday, December 29, 2013


As 2013 comes to a close we take the time to reflect on another wonderful year of business for In My Heart Photography.  Yes, this is a business but really it is far more than just a business.  We are building an extended family and like all families there are challenges to be sure.  Always there is joy and love though that grows in our hearts with every wedding. 

We do photograph seniors, families, proms and multiple other events but WEDDINGS are the biggest part of what we do.  We love them and we work especially hard to create beautiful images for our brides and grooms.  You may be surprised to learn some of what goes into photographing a wedding.  We'll give you the short version. 

It all starts with letting people know we are here and ready for hire.  Most of our business comes by referral from our previous clients (A giant thank you to those who do!).  There are meetings with potential clients, emails, phone calls, and Facebook to be certain of all details.  A lot of weddings are local but we do travel too.  That means gas, drive time, food and accommodations. 

We spend our entire day with you photographing you as you are getting ready.  We are inspecting the wedding venue watching for great backgrounds, possible props and lighting. 

Our job is very physical.  We climb flights of stairs multiple times a day.  We stand, sit, squat, and climb up on chairs.  Occasionally you will see us on our knees or laying on the ground to get that perfect shot!  Lets not forget the heavy bags we carry with all of our equipment in them! 

You are not aware of it but part of our job involves building a relationship with the wedding venue, DJ, caterers and videographers.  We are building a network and we work with them and around them all to be sure your wedding day is perfect.

Most importantly we are looking for every detail in your wedding.  We learn some very personal things about you when we find out why you chose to have that item in your wedding.  We learn how you met and fell in love.  We hear of your joys, and sometimes your tragedies.  We get to know you in a few short hours.  We laugh when you laugh and we cry when your mama cries with love and happiness for you.  At the end of the day you and your loved ones have made your way into our hearts.  We are celebrating with you!

2013 was a great success!  So many wonderful people have been adopted into the In My Heart Photography family.  Congrats to all of our newly weds!  We look forward to watching your families grow and hope to photograph your newborns, family, seniors, and someday your children's weddings. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's your senior year and it is an exciting time of your life!

 It's your senior year and it is an exciting time of your life!  You are creating memories and you are dreaming about your future.  You are preparing for graduation and one of the things you are going to do is get your senior pictures.  Now you may think that there isn't much to doing  senior pictures.  Throw on a few different outfits, sit or stand here or there and bam!  You're done.  But what if it could be different?    What if your senior pictures could capture your future? 
 In My Heart Photography recently had the great pleasure of photographing senior Gage Gregory.  As always we try to catch a person's personality in our photography but Gage had other ideas.  He knows what he wants to do with his future and we wanted to help him visualize his dreams in his senior pictures!  His plans were quite different from most seniors.  He wants to use his artistic ability to make a living for himself.  He wants to be a tattoo artist! 

Hard Times Art Tattoos in Lebanon allowed us to come in and set up these great shots for Gage. We would like to give them a big thank you for doing this.  It was awesome that they would encourage him to make his dreams become a reality! 
What would you like to do in your senior pictures?  Where would you like to do them?  Would you like some that reflect your personality?  Would you like some that reflect your imagination?  Or maybe your future career plans? 
 In My Heart Photography would love to make them happen for you! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Real Life Session

       Real Life Session

(This is from the boys Mother Amber after she saw her son's images )
I just love all those pictures.. You really got the boys' personalities 
The whining Cale, the goofball Evan.. It's really what they are like.
Those are the kind of pictures I can look back on in fifty years and  remember exactly how my babies were.

They are so much cooler than the generic family, everyone smiles pictures.
( There Real Life! )
And it takes a very special person to capture a personality in a picture..
You really have an awesome gift.
Because people they don't see the beauty in reality sometimes.
It's funny when your kids are goofy..
Evan has never had a serious moment in his life and you caught that free spirit.
Baby Cale can be so quiet and innocent and you caught that too in the pictures
where he was just by himself.
( This is what we love to do at.. In My Heart Photography, Thanks Amber we are so glad you Love your images!)
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