Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Clever Prom 2017


Prom season is one of our favorite times of the year! We were thrilled when Clever high school contacted In My Heart Photography to photograph their junior/senior prom. Prom night is an exciting time not only for the high school kids but for us too!
We absolutely love to see what dresses and suits are chosen by each of these kids. The hair styles, shoes and jewelry too. It all brings out the individual personalities.

The Clever High School Students were free to use the photo booth of their making all that they wanted for photos with whomever they wanted. There were formal shots and fun shots, and then there were the dance pictures too! Energy was high and the kids danced the night away singing to their favorite songs. They refueled with a large variety of desserts from Hy-Vee.

The Savoy ballroom provided a large space for dancing under the beautiful chandeliers. It was decorated by the school with a large frame shaped ice sculpture for some fun pictures! Tables were decorated with gold bottles and blue feathers sprouting from their tops. Flower petals were scattered on the tables , their bright red color standing out on the black table cloths. Beautiful floating candles with a red rose underneath provided a warm glow to each table

It was In My Heart Photography's
 pleasure to photograph the Clever high school prom. What a great bunch of kids with their lovely styles and smiles. They were respectful and fun and we are so happy to preserve their prom memories!
Thank you Clever high school for inviting us to photograph your special night! Click the link below to view and download your pictures with the option to print from our professional lab.

                                                                  Thank you.
                                                         From In My Heart Photography

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